New Approaches to an Old Problem

Amazonian deforestation is one of our generations' greatest challenges, whose urgency only increases with each passing day. Our goal at BALTA is to find new, innovative yet practical solutions to this problem, and we are doing so through a combination of scientific research, community outreach, and on-site projects. We are in the field and on the ground, raising awareness, momentum and capital, and racing against the clock to save what remains of the lungs of our planet.


Cacao Farming

Wild, organic cacao is one of Bolivia's many natural resources, and is a crop which has the potential to transform the agricultural landscape of the country, by saving the forests and providing well-being and economic security to small farmers.


Buffer Zones

First comes the road.... A new road can signal the beginning of the end for many wilderness areas, as it brings with it new waves of destruction in the name of economic development. This is already happening outside of Madidi National Park, and we aim to change that.

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Eco Tours

Seeing is believing, so we run educational eco tours at near cost, because we believe the more people who see first hand what is happening to the Amazon, the more inspired and empowered they will become to be part of the change we're striving to make.