BALTA Tours was created to help us achieve our mission. Each tour contains three elements:



Participants will first learn about the history, culture, politics, economics, and environmental policy of Bolivia.  We will navigate through the complex issues surrounding deforestation in an attempt to better understand what changes are needed to ensure a sustainable future for Bolivia, and for the rest of the world.


BALTA believes that in order to gain a full understanding of the urgency and importance of protecting the rainforest, we must immerse ourselves in it. Our journey will take us into some of the world’s most biodiverse and mystical places. We will visit one of Communidad Inti Wara Yassi’s (CIWY) animal sanctuaries to meet some of the jungle's most majestic creatures. Here we will gain a full appreciation for what these forests are, and what they do for our planet. We will learn how the people who inhabit the rainforest survive, and understand the struggles they face. We will see how first world demands directly impact the rainforest, for better or for worse. 

Giving Back

By participating in BALTA Tours, each person is making a financial commitment towards sustainability. All profits made from our tours are used for the protection of the Bolivian Amazon in two ways: Through the purchase of land and the support of our Bolivian partner, Communidad Inti Wara Yassi. Land purchased will be used for strategic conservation and sustainable agriculture, and will be managed by BALTA and CIWY. Our land plots are carefully selected, and each tour group will have the opportunity to visit the land they are conserving. The portions of land used for sustainable agriculture will be leased with the approval of BALTA and CIWY to local indigenous families. For each tour, BALTA will make a donation to support CIWY's efforts to protect Bolivia's rainforest, and the animals that call it home. Any and all other profits will be reinvested back into the organization.

 For any questions regarding our tours, please contact us at 239-285-8001

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